Dr. Sorato
Dr. SoratoFounders & Developers
Dr. Sorato graduated with Honours in Biotechnology from the University of Verona (Universit? Degli Studi Di Verona, Italy) in 2013?and took part in a scientific research (Regolazione dell?Espressione Epigenetica di cellule in vitro , 2013), which consisted of a study about the interaction between cells? behaviour and the environment.

Since he met Dr. Meli his life changed, deciding to put his scientific knowledge and heart in what he now loves most: being at the service of other people and supporting them to achieve a state of complete wellbeing by enabling them to bring out their positive aspects from within and also offering them an excellent product that also enhances their natural beauty from the outside.

Dr. Sorato, a strong supporter and connoisseur of Quantum Physics and Epigenetic founded his entire life on these most profound principles that govern the entire Universe putting it at the disposition of people, realising, together with his business partner Dr. Joseph Meli, a skin care line developed on the needs of their clients; a skin care line that can assure only the very best natural and organic ingredients for the body.

His motto is: Whatever you desire with all your heart, can be achieved!

Dr. Meli
Dr. MeliFounders & Developers
Dr Meli graduated with Honours in Physiotherapy from the University of Malta in 2005. The main goal of studying physiotherapy was driven by his passion to always help other people. This profession taught him a lot about the meaning of true compassion and understanding people?s needs yet facilitating them to find the motivation and courage to take the necessary action to see results.

Having also experience in sales, Dr. Meli understands the needs and expectations of today?s consumers and strives to achieve this by not only providing excellent and timely customer service in combination with excellent products which are basic client?s rights, but by surpassing clients? expectations, always over-delivering in value. Dr. Meli believes that the element of positively surprising people in this way makes a refreshing change in the world of commerce where the feeling of extreme consumerism has pretty much taken over the world of business nowadays.

Dr. Meli and Dr. Sorato agree that quality is far more important than quantity. Every single client is vital and they want to keep their business model focussed on this principle which is the raison d?etre of the entire business.

His Motto is: Leave the world a better place than you found it!

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