Resveratrol is a chemical compound derived from the family of polyphenols which is naturally found in plants. Resveratrol isproduced when plants are under attack from pathogens such as fungi and bacteria and in response to injury.

This compound protects the body against the kind of damage linked to increased risk for conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Resveratrolcompounds are thought to have antioxidant properties. These compounds are mainly found in the skin of red grapes, while another source includes peanuts. Resveratrol can also be produced by bio-technological synthesis (metabolic microorganism) and chemical synthesis.In recent years the use of Resveratrol as an antioxidant has been the subject of intense interest.

Resveratrol has so many health benefits – its not surprising that many manufactures have tried to profit from selling resveratrol supplement. Resveratrol supplements are the latest anti-aging trend. Most of the resveratrol supplements sold in the world today contain extracts ofthe Chinese and Japanese knotweed plant, while other supplements are made from red wine and red grapes extract. Through research, red wine compounds have more interesting benefits, including anti-aging and anti-cancer. One way of administering resveratrol in humans is by direct absorption through tissues on the inside of the mouth and not by swallowing.

Over the last few years, magazines, blogs, newspapers and T. V. have been filled with news about the anti-oxidants, the miraculous properties of red wine and anti-aging. The anti-oxidant resveratrol is very important for health issues and helps protect the body against a number of diseases, including:


  • Preventing the oxidation of LDL – bad cholesterol, helping to reduce inflammation and the formation of clots that can lead to heart attack
  • Resveratrol helps in building up of plaque that can lead to Alzhiemers and also protects nerve cells from damage.


  • Resveratrol helps to prevent the body from insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes and it is a condition in which the body tends to become less sensitive to the effects of blood-sugar-lowering hormone.


  • Resveratrol triggers the process of cancer cell death (apoptosis) and therefore limits the spread of cancer cells.


Research has not discovered any side effects, because very few studies have been conducted on resveratrol in humans; doctors still cant confirm what effect these supplements might have on people over the long term, even when resveratrol is taken in large doses. However, resveratrol supplements, nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen, interact with blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin). Experts do advise that women who are pregnant or intending to become should not use the product, while there is also

advice that resveratrol should not be taken by young adults under eighteen or children.

To date experts do not recommend resveratrol supplements for anti-aging, anti-cancer or disease-prevention, until more highquality research is available.