People (women, mostly) are engaged in a fight — they’re fighting the early signs of aging, which have a high likelihood of appearing much earlier than expected because of a variety of uncontrollable factors (e.g., stress, the blast of damaging rays from the sun, pollution, and many others). Women don’t want to look older than they are; in fact, many want to look younger than they are, but with all of the aforementioned variables combined with a fast-paced life, looking older than one’s actual age has become something of an epidemic — a problem that so many suffer from.

Vigilance is key if you’re fighting aging. That means watching what you eat, what you do, and what you use. Sticking to a healthy, natural diet is a known effective way of keeping the body young. Proper skin care is another; with proper skin care, opting to use natural products can bring better and more satisfying results.

And speaking of turning to natural skin care to fight aging, products with hyaluronic acid are highly recommended. Hyaluronic acid is a miraculous skin booster that can make skin look and feel young. It’s what the sake-makers in Japan are treated to, which is why their hands are smooth, soft, and spotless (like babies’ hands) despite being in their seventies and eighties. Now, cosmetics companies are using it in their formulations to preserve youthful beauty.

The following are examples of what hyaluronic acid does:

1. It binds moisture, which is why it’s often used in topical creams and serums. With the correct integration of hyaluronic acid in the mix, the skin-softening power of skin care products automatically increases — moisturizing skin better and increasing elasticity so wrinkles or fine lines can be prevented from forming.
2. Hyaluronic acid can also contribute to minimizing the appearance of scars by repairing collagen and reversing free radical damage. Since it does both wonderfully, scarring from pimples (which adults are not invulnerable to) ceases to be a big concern.
3. Paired with vitamin C (just like with Kleem Organic’s vitamin C serum), hyaluronic acid improves uneven skin tone and makes skin glow from within.
4. Studies reveal that this substance is actually a “smart” nutrient (hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate) since it can adjust its moisture-absorbing power based on the humidity. This basically means that wherever you may find yourself in the world, whatever season it may be where you are, you can expect your hyaluronic acid-powered skin care product to work optimally.
5. It also protects the skin from harmful UVB rays which cause sunspots and other types of skin discoloration that instantly make the skin look old.
6. It’s also known to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

So, if you’re on a fierce battle against aging, hyaluronic acid should be one of your weapons. Include it in your daily skin care regimen and let your age be a difficult riddle for everybody to solve.