An interesting marketing offer from Grazie Media, a prominent broadcasting company, which was interested in featuring our brand Kleem Organics in a TV spot on their huge jumbo-tron during the Green Bay Packers Event

(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 23, 2014 ) Portland, OR — Kleem Organics, the popular skin care company has gone into a sponsorship agreement with the Wisconsin based Green Bay Packers team. Kleem Organics Vitamin C serum brand was used for advertising before the game in Indianapolis and during half time in the same game.

Kleem Organics had some innovative on ground promotions as well during the game.

Talking about the association Dr Joseph Meli and Dr Matteo Sorato of Kleem Organics said that they chose Green Bay Packers for their maiden outdoor advertising venture as they stand for resilience and hard work and the thirteen-time champion of NFL is the one of the oldest and last of the small time teams of Yore.

“We feel close to Green Bay as we too stand for fighting ageing, acne and wrinkling with resilience and focus. We shall continue our association with Green Bay Packers and look to associate with other teams in the next season of NFL”, the founders of Kleem Organics were quoted to say Green Bay Packers would be happy to have another sponsor. How they fare in the next season of NFL.. Well that’s another story!

Kleem Organics Vitamin C serum is known to reduce skin wrinkling and help in acne. It contains a combination of Vitamin C- Vitamin E- Aloe Vera- Witch Hazel and Jojoba Oil. All 100% natural ingredients.

The promoters confirmed that they have launched this product keeping in mind that chemical compounds in modern cosmetics are doing more harm than good. It was this desire to find a cosmetic solution to healthy skin which does not have any side effects led to the development of the Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum.

About Kleem Organics

Kleem Organics is a holistic skin care company which prides itself in using natural and organic ingredients for its skin care products. The founders of the company, Joseph Meli and Matteo Sorato are researchers in Epigenetics and have studied the link between the thoughts and perceptions of an individual with the manifestation of positive results from skin care products on a physical level. The founders work closely with clients to assist them with improving their wellbeing and self-confidence and improve their way of thinking about their physical appearance, potentiating the effects of the skin care cosmetics that they use.