The Benefits Of Antioxidants In Airless Pump Bottles

Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line  serum comes packaged in an airtight container, thus preventing oxidation of any of its ingredients. The pump on the bottle delivers metered doses, so you get exactly what you need to nourish your skin every day, no need to worry about the right dosage, simply press the pump and you are done!

Typically in every cosmetic or beauty care product that you buy, there is a maximum number of days that you need to finish the product in, that’s because the liquid or chemicals inside the bottles come in contact with air, and start getting oxidized,losing their beneficial properties.

Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line  comes in an innovative vacuum compressed bottle, having a very interesting architecture. What is this unique architecture?

This unique bottle has been created after years of research and trials, with the core objective of keeping the product inside free from damages because of oxidation, and, most importantly protecting the liquid inside from airborne bacteria!

Every time you pump, the internal disc of the vacuum bottle raises, as the usage increases, the size of the container decreases, thus preventing the liquid from coming in contact with air! The beneficial properties of the  Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line  are thus preserved till the last drop.

The last drop of the Serum has the same quality as the first. Since the liquid remains in a vacuum, there is no chance for any bacterial formations in the container and you can use the fluid for a long period of time without worrying about any damage to the skin because of any bacteria that may get formed in the container.

Furthermore, our internal lab tests have reported 99.99% success of the pump, so no need to worry about the prescribed dosage to pump out, or about wastage. Relax and use the Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line  serum every day!

Although it is advised that the bottle be kept in a cool dark place, as is the norm for most cosmetic, beauty and health products, we at Kleem organics are sensitive to your needs and situations, wherein you may not be able to keep the serum in a cool dry place, like travelling.

The matte finish of the Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line bottle prevents sun rays to come in contact with the serum liquid.This increases the life of the serum inside the bottle and keeps the goodness of the serum intact.

Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line skin care line bottle is a unique bottle which protects the fluid inside from oxidation, retains its beneficial properties till the last drop and most importantly protects you from any possible bacteria build up in the liquid.

Packaging the Serum in an innovative vacuum container bottle has been possible because of this commitment to improving your health and not compromising it, this has been our motivation to invest in research and development of not only the product, but it’s packaging too, leading to a longer shelf life of the Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Skin Care Line.