Using Epigenetics to get the best out of Skin Care

In a world dominated by artificial ingredients and chemicals, Kleem Organics® made a big step towards a completely new approach in skin care. It identified a way of altering the skin cell genetic make-up to promote a rejuvenated, healthier-looking, radiant skin in just 14 days! The results are obtained using only NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients including Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil Aloe Vera and several others.

What is the Science of Epigenetics?

The DNA is the complete information, contained in every single cell which constitutes our body, derived from one’s mother and father. The DNA is made of genes; blocks of different information. Skin cells express only a certain number of genes making them look alike and work as they should.

The expression of the DNA depends on hereditary and non-hereditary factors. Human beings do not have control over the factors which are inherited but indeed could control the non-hereditary factors thanks to the application of Epigenetics.

Non-hereditary factors include environmental factors such as diurnal/seasonal variations, diet and psychological factors. Epigenetics can be thought like a switch which is able to turn on and off some genes’ activity, like those related to the skin aging process.

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