Vitamin C – the same vitamin that helps boost the immune system can also be good for your skin.

This vitamin can neutralise the harmful free radicals that cause several diseases and accelerate the ageing process. It also aids in the formation of collagen which gives the skin elasticity. When the collagen in your skin breaks down, wrinkles begin to appear.

Can’t you just take vitamin C orally if you want to improve your skin? The simple answer is no. In order to take advantage of the benefits of vitamin C for the skin, you need to apply it directly on your skin. In fact, the vitamin becomes 20 times more potent in improving skin complexion when used topically, compared to taking it orally.

When vitamin C is applied directly to the skin, it performs three crucial functions. First, it helps eliminate free radicals and aid in the prevention of the formation of cancer cells. Additionally, the vitamin can help minimise sunburns and scar tissue.

Second, the vitamin facilitates the production of collagen which translates to the elimination of fine lines while restoring firmness and suppleness to the skin.

Third, vitamin C acts as an inhibitor of melanin. This means that you can get an even skin complexion as your skin tone is lightened while age spots are erased.

But not all sources of vitamin C are equal. Many products which contain the vitamin utilise a form of vitamin C derived from corn sugars which have been hydrogenated and processed with harsh chemicals. This type of vitamin C may be cheaper but is definitely not suited for skin care.

For facial rejuvenation, the best type of vitamin C to use is organic vitamin C.

All of Kleem Organics’ products utilise organic and natural products that have been harvested directly from rare and tropical plants from around the world. These products contain a serum that has been enriched with 100 percent natural orange fragrance that leaves an amazing sensation on your skin without the irritation.

These products are manufactured based upon the principles of Epigenetics which focuses on the psychological factors that affect and influence the human DNA. Epigenetics allows you to turn on the genes which have been deactivated upon reaching the age of 30. These activated genes are crucial in the production of high levels of collagen which are essential for skin rejuvenation.

The combination of natural ingredients and Epigenetics allows Kleem Organics to produce skin care products that can provide you with younger, more vibrant skin.