One of the inevitable things in life is aging of the skin. Everybody wants to look energetic and young but as years pass by, we develop skin that tends to be inelastic. We all know the effect of aging on our skin and nobody ever wishes to experience gray hair, frail skin and feeling sick with old age.

The properties of the skin:its elasticity, self-moisturizing ability and elasticity reduce with age. The skin will start to look older and thinner and even lose its capacity to feel or look younger. Techniques for anti-aging include the following: nutrition, physical fitness, good and proper skin care, hormone replacement, use of good vitamins supplement.

Although one cannot stop the existence of aging, there are a lot of techniques that can be tried to fight wrinkles and make one look younger. There is a secret one must really understand to achieve the aim of looking lively, younger, smart and robust in senior years. Below are some anti-aging skin care suggestions that are very effective for anti-aging treatment.


  • Consume a diet with fewer calories: Calorie restriction is the only known method which might be able to delay human aging. Calories derived from fat should not be more than 30-40%a day?to-day meals, 20% from unsaturated fat, 15% from protein and less percentage from carbohydrates. Consuming a low-fat diet that contains complex carbohydrate helps a lot, but most people find it hard to stick and adhere to such a diet.

Here is an advice from a health doctor: Consume a diet with proper vitamins and minerals and other healthy micro-nutrient plants. It is advisable to consume three servings of complete grains every day and consume five fresh fruits to help in skin activities.


  • High-quality of multivitamins consumption: Nutritional supplement of multivitamins is highly recommended. From the result of the study, antioxidants increase longevity but do not slow aging. The consumption of antioxidants should be maximized. A mixture of antioxidants should be consumed by means of a diet plan and supplements. A diet mixture of dark colored vegetables like carrots, squash, carrots, tomatoes, carotenoids and blue and purple barriers for spinach and flavonoids, because a dark vegetable does not contain cholesterol and is rich in nutrients. The superior source of antioxidants are 200-250 mg of Vitamin C and carotenoid mixed supplement for daily intake.


  • Daily physical exercise: Physical exercise often helps in building strength and endurance. From a research carried out, exercise helps fight a loss of stamina, balance and helps to build muscular strength. An individual with slowing aging method should be committed to the day to day standard aerobic exercise.

Measures to be taken for preventing aging: engage in daily exercise, control lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking. Exercise helps to increase appetite and helps to build good emotional and mental image. Drinking a lot of water helps in good digestion, to maintain healthy skin and elimination of waste.