What is the one thing that we all are worried about when not worrying about any other thing – that is our weight. But theres another thing that we?re most worried about! Aging of course.

In fact, with aging we see its effects on our skin. These can be wrinkles, change in skin color, we may also see stretching or dryness of the skin. So what I am going to talk about are some of the best anti ageing skin care truths and the techniques.This is a compilation of years of research and hope. You should of course not expect miracles, but visible changes which you?ll surely notice.

Simple skin care anti-aging techniques

Here are a few things which I swear by:

  • Sunscreen – Never miss this one whenever you go outside in the sun. Anything with SPF 15 or higher will do. Also sunglasses and a hat are essential.
  • Cleanser – never end the day and go to the bed without cleansing and make sure to use a gentle cleanser.
  • Toner – Ensure its a gentle toner and is not alcohol based.
  • Scrub – exfoliate with the scrub after every 2 or 3 days. Scrub exfoliates the layer of dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth.You can use different types of homemade scrubs as well.
  • Moisturize – Dry skin is what makes the skin look older, so moisturize the face and neck every time you wash your face, at least twice a day.
  • Eye cream – this works well for the newly forming crows feet and fine wrinkles.


Healthy Life style for keeping skin younger

Now let?s look what else we can do to keep our skin younger:

  • Stay happy – Always stay happy; the tension shows on your skin and thats why you should work on all your issues and remain happy.
  • De-stress – You should de-stress regularly, either a spa treatment once in a while or meditation. Also I have seen the positive effects of Yoga for de-stressing.
  • Don?t try every product – Stop trying all the creams and serums available in the market. This will only lead to more build up and cause more damage than good.
  • Stop Smoking – one of the worst things for your skin is smoking. This habit will get you in the worst skin situation if you dont stop. Trust me, I have seen people who look 10 years older than they are just because of this one habit. If you are one who likes to light up, then for the sake of your skin stop right away.

For all those who wanted to learn more about anti-ageing skin care truth and the techniques;I am giving you a small table which you can put on your fridge to just remind you what you need to do.

Tip When you should do it
Sunscreen Whenever you go outside in the sun
Cleanse Every day before bed
Toner After cleansing
Moisturize Twice a day , face and neck
Under eye gel/ cream Best to use are night creams so that they do the work over night


Remember, we can?t turn back time, so stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Stay happy and healthy.