I was given a Bottle of KLEEM Organics Intensive Rejuvenating Vitamin C Serum for review. ?Regardless all opinions are 100% my own.

When I received the my Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum, I have to be honest, I was really skeptical about it working. I have tried so many other Vitamin C productsand they just didnt work that well for me. They did, but just not like I wanted. As always, I was still excited to be able to try a newer product that would hopefully help me to with my age spots. Yes, I am still young, but due to long hours of blogging and staying up late at night to meet deadlines, I have the aged look. I look older than what I should.

The Kleem Organics Serum comes in anAirless Bottle. This allows for no air to get into the bottle which aides toprevent bacteria from contaminating the product, rendering the product sterile. When air hits Vitamin C, the Vitamin C becomes useless after a couple of days.  The reason for this is because it can actually create damage to the natural skin proteins that protect the skin from aging. It also causes bacteria when air come into contact. The bottle has a pump that gives metered amounts so that there is no wasting of the product, allowing for longer usage. This saves money indeed. We all want to save, while looking and feeling out best right I know I sure do. Especially with teen girls in the house. They tend to use more of products and waste. The girls have told me they would also like to start using Kleem Organics since they are out in the sun more often than they should be. With the Kleem Organics Airless Bottle and pump, it has already saved me money, while looking and feeling my best.

I have used the serum for approximately two weeks now and I have to tell you, that it has helped me in more ways than one. My arms, face, and neck all look and feel better about myself already. Thus, why my girls want to also start using Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum. Kleem Organics is not only for older females. All people of all ages, whether male or female can use this Vitamin C Serum.

Kleem Organics as done everything for me that it says it does. I get dark circles under my eyes from being up late at night and hardly getting rest, so it has helped me get rid of that. It has also helped me to get rid of age spots and wrinkles. Wrinkles at my age you may ask Yes, because smoking and lack of sleep does cause wrinkles. My wrinkles are fading away and my age spots from the sun are also diminishing greatly. As I mentioned above that I have used this product for approximately for two weeks now and have already noticed a huge difference. I use the serum on a clean body twice a day. I particularly use the Vitamin C Serum on my face, neck, and arms. That is where I need it the most, because that is what is exposed to the sun more often than other parts of my body.

Kleem Organics Vitamin C Skin Care Line can help prevent photo-aging and the onset of more serious skin conditions. Vitamin C has now been shown to provide up to eight times the skins natural protection from UV damage. This is especially important to me and near and dear to my heart. My mom passed away one year ago October 17, due to skin cancer. She was an avid tanning bed user back her younger days. Kleem helps with elasticity and glow. The Vitamin C prevents oxidative damage by neutralizing oxygen-free radicals before they can attack the body. Its very important however to use Kleem on a daily basis, because Vitamin C can not be stored in the body.

The Anti Aging Serum is only one reason that I love this product. Another reason that I appreciate and will continue to use Kleem Organics is because it is made with natural and organic ingredients. Its 98% Naturally derived and 72% Organic. Artificial and chemical compounds in skin care cosmetics can have very negative consequences on the body including vital organs such as the liver. This is another reason that it is important to me to continue to use Kleem Organic Vitamin C Serum, because I lost my dad just four months prior to my moms passing from liver failure. Hearing this and finding out the effects and impact this can have on my well-being has forever changed me and I will always continue to use this serum.

I am thankful for the founders of Kleem Organics.  They are Joseph Meli and Matteo Sorato. Joseph has a degree inphysiotherapy, while Matteo is aDoctor in Biotechnology. They have experience of what works well for your skin and health. That in itself is more of a reason to purchase their products. Again, this is for all ages, whether male or female. There is no scent of fragrance so male and females of all ages can join right in and start saving your skin today. Look and feel more radiant with Shiny, uplifting, and a more younger look.

There is so much more information on Kleem Organics that you can read HERE.  I would love to mention more, but I would be writing so much, because their product is so beneficial and works in more ways than one.  If you want to look younger and feel better about yourself you can purchase your very own bottle on Amazon HERE.?? Well worth buying. When purchasing you will also get a free 56 Page Ebook with Skin Care Tips.

You can also Visit Kleem Organics on Facebook HERE

Thank you Joseph and Matteo for allowing me to use your product for review.  You have a new customer!