This is a educational post about serums. To start off, I am a serum junkie. I will admit to it. Beyond what I may receive for product review I am always checking out Anti-aging skincare helpersnew ones to see if they really do work as they may be advertized to do. I also tend to not buy anything that has a well known brand name on it. They tend to come with a high price tag. You might be surprised that some of the best serums out there are under $25.00.

I do not believe that just because it maybe a high-end serum with a high-end price tag, for example like $300.00 for it makes it better than the rest. Yes I have seen a few that are even higher priced than that. Try $1000.00! Just how over-priced can you get?

This article is going to be mostly about Vitamin C and how it helps you fight off the aging of your skin overall.

There are so many serums out there it can be tough deciding which one to try right?

Even more so, you will find brands that have fancy named ingredients. Now this doesn?t make them better or worse, just leaves me thinking that the brand trying to get more sales. (Earth Worms? No thanks!) I understand about cleansers they are all pretty much the same.

What about serums and why should you be using one?

How about a little background about serums as a whole.

Your basic serum can be found in about four different types of bases. You have your oil base, water based, cream based, and ones that are a cross between any of the other three.

There are so many different types that start off with the same main ingredients in them. Some ingredients for sure make sense to me, such as Hyaluronic Acid for one. And even the types of oils used for the bases make sense, such as Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, even jojoba oil.

The latest ingredients that has become so popular is the use of Argan Oil and a few major vitamins. What I found was mostly Vitamin C. While doing research I found out some things that I had no clue about.

Did you know all the amazing things Vitamin C can do for your skin?

As we age, we start losing collagen in our skin. It is the collagen that is what holds the fatty tissues in our face. Which our skin slows down the production of collagen as we age, give us more wrinkles, and looser skin in your face.

This is the so cool part about why Vitamin C is so good for your skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant good for you to take in small amounts as part of your overall health but it is very helpful for your skin. Antioxidant ingredients in serums are not over-night fixers, it does take time to work. (Unless you pay for fillers but that is a whole other article) Vitamin C has been found to stimulate collagen production. One of the reasons is it is a natural alph-hydroxy defoliant. It helps your skin renew itself quicker.

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful vitamin to help stimulate your dermis (top layer of your skin) to product more collagen, making your skin over time become smoother and tighter. This one of the major reasons why Vitamin C is such an important ingredient in your serums.

What are free radicals and what does it do to your skin? Free radicals are villains in the aging of our skin. Free radicals destroys your skin ability to produce fresh collagen, elastic and without fresh collagen, the end results is your skin sagging and wrinkling faster. The free radicals age your skin faster which is why so many skin care products work at helping you fight free radicals overload.

With all that said now here is something else I found out. There are products with Vitamin C in them that are not working as well as they should.

One is because of Vitamin C overall, the other is the container it comes in. Lets start with Vitamin C. The reason why I have this in this article because it is important to understand how it becomes part of your skincare product. Vitamin C is very hard to work with.

One of the major issues is Vitamin C overall becomes unstable and wont work as a ingredient in skincare products. It is a very fine line on making it work, or it just a waste of an ingredient.

I asked Kleem Organics to explain what can help Vitamin C become more stable.

We’ll try to explain in simple words what our scientist found in order to make our Vitamin C Serum a stable formula for Vitamin C. The problem that every serum faces is actually the instability of Vitamin C in aqueous systems and yet available as the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) form after application. Stay-C 50 was, therefore, developed to address this requirement. It has got to do with the esterification of Vitamin C producing the Stay-C 50 (one of the most stable, bio-available forms of vitamin C available) which is written at the back of our bottle.

Boy did I get a major explanation about Vitamin C and what had be done to keep it stable in their Vitamin C serum. The guys who own Kleem Organics

have really done their research. What had to be done to make Vitamin C stay stable, is mind blowing, but it isn?t something I can post here in full.

The last thing I ask them was about why so many use Airless pump bottles?

The Airless Pump Bottle maintains freshness of the Vitamin C Serum by sealing air out. It ensures sterility, so no bacteria, dust or any other impurity will touch your skin + delivers the right amount of serum you need.

Vitamin C overall is a very important ingredient in your skin routine.

I can?t thank the guys over at Kleem Organics for taking time out of their busy day to help me write this article. I got so much background information about Vitamin C I know for sure I want part of my skincare routine. I know I wont ever look like I did in my 30s but at least I hope I can help my skin not age as fast as it could.