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Derma Roller

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Regular use significantly improves:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Rough Skin Texture
  • Crow’s Feet and Under Eye Bags
  • Acne and Scars
  • Cellulite and Stretch Marks
    Regular use stimulates collagen and elastin growth for a significant increase in skin’s firmness and elasticity. The effectiveness of creams, serums and lotions is highly boosted.

    3 IN 1 DERMA ROLLER uses 3 separate roller heads to meet every skincare need:

    • 1200-needle head (1.0mm) helps reduce scarring, stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin
    • 600-needle head (0.5mm) helps reverse age spots, wrinkles and acne
    • 240-needle head (0.25mm) treats crow’s feet and under-eye bags

    Titanium Strength

    • No Rust
    • Stronger
    • More durable (5-6 months)
    1. Sterilize your Derma Roller with Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide for 20minutes before every treatment.
    2. Clean your face thoroughly with an antiseptic cleanser.
    3. Roll 3 to 4 times as shown in the images below with moderate pressure while pulling the skin slightly.
    4. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a cool mask to eliminate post-session redness.
    5. Nourish your skin with your favourite skincare products that do not contain irritating or toxic ingredients.

    The derma roller is to be used exclusively per person and should not be shared.
    Redness is very common when derma rolling due to the increase in blood circulation. Always wait until the skin heals before the next treatment.

    *For more detailed instructions receive our eBook for FREE by using this link: