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Benefits of Topical Aloe Vera in Kleem Organics Serum
Reduces the risk of getting skin cancer Skin healing properties Facial cleanser Nourishes the skin Sunburn treatment Moisturizer Acne treatment Anti-Aging treatment



The timeless “old world” secrets revealed on these pages will help you save a fortune on skin care products!

Matteo Sorato and Joseph Meli are the conscientious and well-trained founders of KLEEM ORGANICS, a firm that produces excellent skin products available on Amazon. They have written a book that outlines much of their philosophy and concepts about caring for the integument, both form the application of their products and form other aspects of healthy living. The information shared in this book is informed, has a scientific approach and yet is immensely readable, making it a go-to guide for people getting involved in respecting and caring for their integument. You’ll learn the top “cosmetology” secrets that the world’s top doctors know – but never share. Now YOU can use them, too!

The opening chapter is aptly focused on Skin Biology. After defining skin and its function, they offer, `Human skin constantly regenerates itself. To start the process of regeneration; a cell is generated in the dermis of the skin first. The same cell migrates up towards the Epidermis over a two-week traveling period. At the end of the two weeks it will reach the bottom layer of the Epidermis. And it is information such as this that explains the need for caring for this constantly regenerating and thus needy organ.

From there the book is divided into chapters, the titles of which are self-explanatory: The Natural Anti-Aging Program, Skin Types, Daily Skin Care for Your Type of Skin, Overview on Skin Care Cosmetics, Acne and Skin Impurities, Skin Care of Acne, Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Skin, You Are What You Eat (How Food affects Your Complexion), Nourish Your Skin form the Inside, Vitamin C and Other Nutrients for the Skin, and Natural Skin Care Recipes. The section on the ingredients that KLEEM ORGANICS has included in their popular Vitamin C Serum is detailed and particularly informative.

Throughout this book are colour photographs of the sources of skin nutrition and care, a fine idea for keeping the book visually successful.

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