Skin care is not just for beauty’s sake (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that goal). It is not simply about preventing the signs of aging. Skin care is also about health and wellness.

When your skin is smooth, revitalized, and protected, you will avoid issues like allergies and sunburns. You will also feel confident and energized to go about your day when your skin is in perfectly good condition.

And the best way to take care of your skin is to choose products that contain natural ingredients. Natural skin care products promote better skin health; they also have skin healing properties, and they are, far and away, safer than products filled with chemicals.

In choosing your skin care products, start with the manufacturer behind the product. Consider the reputation and values of the company. A skin care brand is committed to the health and safety of its consumers. It is also dedicated to a better environment; what’s better for your skin is also better for the environment.

Apart from not using harmful ingredients in its products, you may want a skin care company that is also enlightened. Skin care companies that do not test on animals and have not used animal-based ingredients are committed to reducing impact on the environment.

Naturally, a good reputation indicates that the company’s skin care products are also effective. To determine this, you want to look at customer reviews and read the list of ingredients on the bottle.

The ingredients will tell you if the skin care product will do what is formulated to do ((e.g., reduce wrinkles, diminish dullness, and treat acne). Some of the key ingredients for such results include aloe vera, jojoba oil, and witch hazel.

Aloe vera is a natural remedy for burns. It can also boost natural cell renewal, improving your skin’s elasticity and texture. Jojoba oil, an emollient used in anti-aging products, can stimulate collagen production and defend your skin against UV damage. And witch hazel, which contains powerful antioxidant properties, can improve the look and feel of your skin.

These ingredients, and more (hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C and E), are found in Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum—a colorless, odorless formulation that refreshes your skin and keeps it radiant all throughout the day, without the harsh ingredients and without the harmful effects.

Your skin is exposed to harsh elements every single day. As protection against the harmful and aging effects of the environment, you naturally put on creams and lotions that are supposedly good for your skin.

The problem with some skin care products is that they contain chemicals that have shown negative effects.

Lead is a recognized neurotoxin linked to learning, language, and behavioral problems. Other ingredients found in skin care products: parabens, which are a group of compounds identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors. The Environmental Working Group adds that of the 10,500 skin care ingredients, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review has not evaluated 90 percent of it for safety.

So why endanger your skin with these chemicals when you can get perfectly better results with natural ingredients? Get better, safer results with Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum today.