To boost the efficacy of your skin boosters, it’s important to know the best application method, especially if you’re into layering your skin care products. For your organic vitamin C serum, such as Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, here is the best step-by-step application method determined by avid users and professional aestheticians.

  1. Start with a clean face and neck. Proper cleansing can do wonders for the efficacy of skin care products. If you wear make-up, make sure that you remove everything with a cleanser and then wash your hands. Washing your hands will thoroughly get rid of make-up residue so when you use a cleansing foam on your face and neck, you’re not putting back any make-up film to those areas.
  1. After washing the face and neck thoroughly use a toner or essence, or just let your face naturally dry on its own or pat your face dry with your clean hands.
  1. When your face has completely dried, apply two pumps of the serum onto your clean hands and gently pat it on your face and neck. The patting motion will warm your skin and make absorption of the serum much faster.
  1. After the first two pumps, apply a bit more of the serum on areas where you see fine lines or wrinkles. Concentrate on these areas so the serum can work its magic in preventing those from appearing or becoming even more defined. Gently massage the serum on problematic areas in an upward motion – take note, do it gently because if you push your skin upwards too roughly that will promote the formation of wrinkles.
  1. Apply about two more pumps of the serum for your neck. The neck is where aging manifests early. Pat on the serum and massage your neck in an upward motion to work against the effects of gravity.
  1. When the serum has dried on your skin, perform a face massage. Not only will this boost circulation, it may also help activate the anti-aging properties of the serum. Here are face massage tips from the pros:
  • For your forehead, with your index and middle fingers, massage the area in a zigzag motion to really prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  • For the sensitive skin around your eyes where fine crinkly lines easily form, gently massage the sides in a circular motion especially when you apply eye cream.

After you’ve applied the serum and your skin has absorbed everything, use a moisturizer and sunscreen.