Kleem Organics is proud to be a trusted brand when it comes to clean beauty.

With our products, you never sacrifice effectiveness for safety. You get unparalleled results and the security that comes with using

beauty products that are good for you.


Never sacrifice safety for effectiveness

We are for the selfcare seekers who know skincare is more than just a functional step in their day. Whether a five-minute morning ritual, a whole routine in the evening or a weekend relaxation treatment, skincare provides a moment of “me time”. A part of the day that is vital for feeling good about themselves.

Kleem Organics understands the importance of these moments along with the belief to do what is right, producing products with high concentration of bio-active ingredients, carefully crafted formulas and premium packaging at affordable prices.


Our clients’ happiness and satisfaction are the core of Kleem Organics’ mission. We continue to pioneer next-generation products, providing result-oriented skin care solutions for a healthy and glowing skin.


At Kleem Organics we promote only the most advanced and organic skincare products, backed by science to achieve noticeable improvement. We promise to offer a real and authentic support to anyone that entrusts us for their self-care.


We believe Love to be the greatest power in the world and we use this energy in everything we do, from the formulation and creation of new skin care products to building our relationship with our customers, through the empowerment of self-confidence.

The word “Kleem” is the seed mantra of beauty, it carries the power of attraction and it helps to achieve one’s true wishes in life.

The word “Kleem” has been used in our brand to intentionally benefit from the power of a Vedic mantra to attract our desires and make them true when consciously read, mentioned or thought.

Committed to Positive Change

On September 17th, 2019, we adhered to the Donations program as part of Kleem Organics’ commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions globally by 2040, ten years in advance of the Paris Agreement.

We donate inventory to selected charitable organizations which include: Age UK, Barnardo's, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Newlife, Salvation Army, Scope, Sue Ryder, TRAID and others.

With more than 15,000 products donated to date, our commitment to a flourishing planet has only just begun.

We also decided to be an environmentally conscious company both in terms of always seeking sustainable

ingredients but also in choosing recyclable airless packaging.

We are proud to remark that all our ingredients a result of the unadulterated nature of our raw materials and all our substrates are the direct result of a fertile living earth. We are highly committed to clean and safe skin care promising to provide products that you can trust and skincare education you can rely on.

In reference to sustainability, we opted for airless packaging as they are a great plus thanks to the reliable dispensing and no waste method. In addition, our packaging is all re-usable and recyclable which allows a widely minor request and production of plastic.

Our Founder

"Find Your Purpose In Life And Dedicate Every Breath You Have To Pursue Your Dream"

Dr. Matteo Sorato

The soulful journey of Kleem Organics finds its roots in the visionary spirit of our founder, Matteo. Driven by a heartfelt desire to create a skincare brand that transcends the ordinary, Matteo's dedication stems from a deep passion for making a meaningful impact on people's lives.

As he embarked on a transformative meditation journey, Matteo drew inspiration from the ancient Sanskrit mantra, "Kleem." This powerful resonance symbolizes attraction, positive energy, and transformation, reverberating the essence of beauty and vibrancy within us all.

Matteo's belief goes beyond the physical aspects of skincare. For him, Kleem embodies the philosophy that beauty is a holistic experience, intertwining with emotions and connections. It's about empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty, radiating confidence from within.

The story of Kleem Organics is more than a skincare brand; it's a sanctuary of beauty, passion, and progress. Every step of the way, Matteo pours his heart and soul into crafting a community where every individual is seen, heard, and understood. Kleem Organics is the embodiment of Matteo's unwavering commitment - a journey of love, dedication, and progress, making a lasting impact on the hearts and skin of those we touch.