Good For Our Skin. Good
For Our Planet.

Since Kleem Organics' inception, the company has been using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural and organic skin care products.

All our formulations are packaged in airless and re-usable packaging to allow the end customer re-fill their own bottle after it’s terminated. The use of airless packaging extends the product’s shelf life without using chemicals and preservatives.

We’re committed to finding Organic, Earth-friendly

solutions in every aspect of our business.


Farms are powered by solar and wind energy

Natural compost during planting

Planting and harvesting are conducted manually to decrease CO2 emissions

Use of only natural plant preservation techniques

Mindfully, sustainably and responsibly production



Our partners and farms produce natural and organic fruits and vegetables

All fruits, roots, flowers and vegetables are produced mindfully, sustainably and responsibly

Our ingredients come from Oregon, Switzerland, Italy and Japan

None of the products we use have been grown with chemicals or are GMO



Products are handmade without severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients

Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, and seeds, pulps and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce

Free of parabens, animal derivates, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals



All product boxes are recyclable and printed with eco-friendly inks

We only use plastic which can be recycled and that contains PCR inclusion in the material

Shipping cartons - As standard we use cardboard boxes which are completely recyclable.


Want to recycle your container?

Send it to TerraCycle